My Lugera – Immersion

//My Lugera – Immersion

My Lugera – Immersion

Season 😊 February started to sprinkle its snowflakes and, together with it, my immersion in Lugera’s world. I really like it when it is snowing, but I am constantly searching for people’s warmth… because they are priceless! And while the mountains offered us an authentic winter spirit, I was starting my integration together with my colleagues in Brasov. It was my debut in a happy “republic”, searching for the values which would initiate me in the Lugerian craftsmanship. And all of a sudden, everything and everyone was by my side and I started understanding solidarity. The enthusiasm caught me in its toils and became contagious.

Freedom 😊 I started by living the freedom of expression, I was guided to discover the secrets of a tool called “Talent Base” (one which I now love, so I will soon tell you more about it… huge innovation) and guess what? After four days at Lugera, it was time for “fuchsia day”! I was awaken by the invitation to party on a special day, together with enthusiast colleagues, good coffee and fresh out of the oven croissants.

Chance 😊 I reckon (Tom Sawyer is my witness)… I love Fuchsia, and now a “pink-based” world becomes my future. I really am lucky! Do you even realize what it means to love what is suddenly happening to you, because that is how you are built and what is means to have the chance to freely build what you have started? Silently, I was agreeing with the great Mark Twain: “Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.”

Grown up 😊 It is my chance, your chance and not only… you have the freedom to grow yourself and those around you, if you want and can. It means so much when you desire to build lasting things. It is a start that will keep its roots in growth. And for growing, I believe that you need spiritual fuel and that you are healthier when you have the freedom of choice and expression.

Passport 😊 February thoroughly continued its mission in the Carpathian Mountains, so it snowed, and snowed, and snowed… Lugeracs taught me the principles of the Republic, while I thought about it… my integration was complete and I was already building up a plan. Even if I was looking forward to get home together with my team, I had objectives more and more ambitious, I desired to learn as much as I could. In a pool of new things I was going to swim. The surprise was that, in the end, I had already won my passport.

I’m so happy now to offer you my passport, with ❤.

Written with love by Simona Oprea – Team Leader 🙂

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